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Our story begins as fans and continues as bakers...

"I'm baking a Cheesecake"

My reaction to this statement of my wife was sceptical, since i was thinking of a "Chäschüechli"... a typical swiss pastry: salty and with cheese. I could not imagine a sweet, creamy, smooth and delicious treat with a crunchy cake base. Not suprisingly I fell in LOVE and it became my favorite cake from that day on! Also our family and friends got to be cheesecake lovers aswell.

On our holidays in New York, home of cream cheese (the main ingredient), we tried different Cheesecake-varieties, one better than the other. As we couldn't find this variety in Switzerland, we decided after an other visit to New York to make this treat available in Switzerland. 


To create really good and delicious Cheesecakes became so our task at CHEESECAKELOVE.CH

Our Love became a passion.

Our passion became an idea.

Our idea created


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